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This 4 person trekking pole backpacking tent is perfect for the family or small group who don’t mind sharing a tent.  It will fit 4 with just a little room to spare for gear.




This 4 person trekking pole tent is perfect for the family or small group who don’t mind sharing a tent.  It will fit 4 with just a little room to spare for gear.  This tent uses special trekking poles which are not available until end of august, so if you buy it you will have to use a long stick over 6 feet tall or a low hanging tree branch (instructions come with the tent).

  • No Trekking poles are included – this tent will not work with normal trekking poles, so if you buy this tent you will have to set up using a tree or branch.  The specially made trekking poles, which hook up end to end will be available end of august.  They will be sold separately at that time.
  • 4 person trekking pole tent, at just 5 lbs this tent has the lightest per person weight of any backpacking tent on the market.  
  • This tent uses 3 trekking poles, 2 in front and 1 in back. The 2 in front are specially made so that the handle comes off and they can be connected together making one long pole. Without our poles you will need to use a stick or a tree to set this tent up.
  • This Tent can be purchased with or without the front trekking poles, a 3rd trekking pole or stick is needed to support the rear of the tent.
  • At over 6 feet peak hieght you will be the envy of the camp as you walk instead of crawl out of your new backpacking tent.
  • This Tent includes 11 ultralight red aluminum stakes and all needed guylines, and an extra 25 ft guyline kit. Guylines are not connected so the first setup will take longer.

This 5 lbs tent is one of the lightest 4 person tents on the market, and likely the only 4 person backpacking tent on the market. Fits 4 with a little room to spare. 6 foot 1 inch peak height so you can walk in without crawling. Compact so it can fit in your backpack or bug out bag. Comes with 11 ultra light aluminum stakes and carrying bag. This tent is intended for use with our trekking poles plus one, it takes 3 trekking poles total. If you buy it without our trekking poles it will work using a tree or a long stick or branch or a low hanging branch. Branch or tree would need to be 6 ft 2 inches or taller. Total weight is 5 lbs including stakes and carrying bag, but not including Trekking Poles.

Important Note: Our trekking poles are made so that the handle can come off and two trekking poles can be put together making one long pole, Most trekking poles on the market will not work with this tent. If you purchase this tent without our trekking poles you will have to use a long stick or a tree to set this tent up, it also needs a third trekking pole or stick for the rear of the tent. We are currently out of our modified trekking poles and will not have any in stock until August 20th so this tent is for sale for those who want to use a stick or tree for support.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    chad reijonen (verified owner)

    This is the perfect tent for a family or begging backpacker with friends. This tent is super light but huge when set up. Its great for my family so we don’t have to carry two tents while hiking it would also be great to take with your friends that don’t have thier own gear yet. This thing is lighter than many 2 person tents so you don’t need to carry extra weight, but it’s big and veratile enough for easily 4 adults with gear. Hiking with kids can be challenging when considering accomodations. This tent is the perfect solution. It’s a full size camp tent that packs smaller and lighter than most two person tents. I’m able to bring my family with 0 added weight or size of the tent, and we don’t have to decide who shares a tent with mom or dad.

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