Trekker Tent 2.2 Combo with Trekking Poles, Two Person Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent with Trekking Poles

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● Super Fast and Easy set up! Great for Hiking, backpacking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up.● Light Weight Trekking Poles are included, they are a carbon aluminum mix pole and weight 10 oz each.● At over 7 feet long and over 5 feet wide and 42 inches high this tent offers more room inside than almost any other ultra light tent.● This tent has large mesh side walls and vents making it close to a full 2 layer tent. Double wall tent on the sides and front only, back wall is single wall● Two Person Tent comes with 8 ultra light stakes, guy-lines, and carry bag


This 3 lbs tent is one of the lightest 2 layer backpacking tents on the market. it has large mesh side walls and side vents making it almost a full 2 layer tent. At 7 feet long, 62 inches wide, and 42 inches high it also has more room than any tent in the ultra light category. Roomy for One but comfortable for Two. Compact so it can fit easily in your backpack or bug out bag. Easy to pack. Comes with 8 ultra light aluminum stakes (these are included in the total weight with is 3 lbs even). Also includes a carrying bag.

Trekking Poles are included. These Carbon and Aluminum mix Trekking Poles are both light and strong. If you forget your poles it works fine with most any stick longer than 42 inches or can be tied between two trees. Total weight is 3 lbs with carrying bag and stakes. Trekking Poles are an additional 10 oz each pole. Trekking Pole Tent, backpacking tent, camping tent, hiking tent, light weight tent, compact tent, ultra light tent. No Poles means No Problems, most tents come with cheap fragile poles which are the first things to break and make the tent worthless. Because this tent will work with any trekking poles or even any stick or tied between two trees, no poles means no problems. With no poles to string through the tent this tent is super fast and simple to set up, just stake down the corners and put in the trekking poles and it can be set up in as little as 1 minute. This tent includes the ultra light aluminum stakes.


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